Friday, June 12, 2009

Psycho Marathon Dream!

I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner. I was bound to have a crazy marathon dream right? Last night was my night. The dream/nightmare went like this.

I was at my mom's house the night before the marathon. I woke up(in my dream) and realized I had slept in and there was no way for me to catch the bus to the start. My mom got up and said she would drive me to the start. We took off, in our old school red and white van that no longer exists, and she headed up South Hill instead of up to Bonney Lake. Now I was really freaking out because I was going to miss the start. We turned around and headed the right direction when I realized I was missing a history test in my college class. So my mom dropped me off at college so I could go to class. In class I realized I hadn't ever studied for the test, I didn't even know the names of the people they were talking about. So I asked if I could please go run my marathon and take the test later in the afternoon. The teacher agreed. Phew. Then Katie Rowe, a girl from high school that I haven't seen since, appeared in my dream to tell me who the historical people were on the test that I'd never heard of before. (I know, totally psycho) Then I was driving the red and white van to the start of the marathon and realized I was an hour and a half late! I didn't care, I was doing it anyway. I knew this course had a seven hour limit so if I could run it in 5 and a half hours I would be fine. EXCEPT I then realized I had never picked up my race packet and didn't have a bib number and I was worried no one would believe me that I had registered. THEN, as I approached the start of the race, there were forest fires everywhere and they weren't letting anyone else on the course. I wasn't going to run a marathon after all.

Then I woke up. I was confused at first and was trying to figure out what day/time it was and if I'd actually missed my marathon. Quickly I figured out it was just a psycho marathon dream......luckily!


Jennifer said...

Your dream made me laugh. Sounds like you have a marathon on the mind....good luck

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

That is seriously WEIRD!! Why Katie Rowe? And what Marathon is on the South Hill? TOO FUNNY!!

All the best my friend in your race..

KmCaCFamilyof5 said...

oh man, I totally remember the red and white van, LOL. what a funny dream. bet you were glad to wake up from that one :-)