Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sick Sick and More Sick

I have been sick for a very long time is seems like! So this week I only got in two runs. I have yet to decide if I'm going for a run today. On Tuesday I went to the gym during Biggest Loser again, but not with the same results. I ran four miles and was just so done.

On Thursday I had the opposite occur. I got on the treadmill with my new tunes and just felt great! I went just over six miles. AND the last 1 and a 1/2 miles I ran at a 8:33 mile pace. (The rest was at a 10 minute pace.) I love it when runs just feel great and you feel like you could go forever!

Oh, last week on Friday I tried a speed workout, inspired by my cutie SIL Jana. I decided to do 800meter runs. I ran at a 8:33 mile pace for 800meters and then walked for .1 of a mile and then another 800 meters. Ummm, this was way harder than I thought. I planned on doing 6 of them, but only did 4. Ha. Then I ran another mile just regular.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yesterday, Tuesday, I went to the gym right after Gage got out to school. I was rushing the kids to get to the gym on time for their scheduled time in the daycare. We got there on time and I went to go to the locker room and realized I had on my regular everyday shoes, not at all shoes that should be worked out in. UGGGGGGHHH. So I just made the most of my time there and walked and the treadmill for 30 minutes, climbed the stair machine for 10, and then worked my core a little. I guess that was my cross training day for the week. :)

On Monday I ran 3.25 miles on the treadmill speeding up the last 1.25 miles.

Spandex is Happiness

Somebody had this sign on their garage during the SLC Marathon last year. I couldn't help but use it as my title today because I wore my capri spandex to the gym. I had no other choice. And I decided on my way over there that I was just going to own it. I didn't care who saw me running in all my spandex glory. But let me tell you, spandex really is happiness! I love all my running tights. I do usually wear a running skirt over them to cover my buns! I have never had enough guts to wear the skirts to the gym though.

Anyway, I had a great run. I ran six miles while watching American Idol/Lost recap shows. I had the treadmill on 6.0 again and ran the last mile a little faster. I love doing that.

P.S. Wouldn't you know it that a tiny little girl in her running tights got onto the treadmill next to me. Whatever, I didn't even care.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

10 Miles and a Mustard Miracle

Last night my husband, who is in the MBA program at BYU, says this to me, "I think I already told you this but I have a group meeting tomorrow at school at 10:30." Um actually no Babe, you didn't mention that. That's why I wasn't able to make the group run this morning. *SIGH* But, I did do it on my own. And I actually had a really great run.

I started out from my house and headed for the Provo River Trail. It is just over 2 miles to get there. Then I headed towards the Canyon. I always go the other way to avoid running up the canyon, but today I decided I could use some hillage. When I got the the canyon, I needed to run 1.75 miles up it. I was nervous, but running up the canyon was not what I thought it was. It was very very gradual. Nothing huge. I couldn't help but thinking how much Jen would love it because is had little yellow and white lines just like a road, and instead of dodging cars, she could just dodge bicylces. :) And it was BEAUTIFUL! So I got to 5 miles and turned around. I love doing out and backs. There's something so great about turning around and knowing you are more than half way done. I was at 53 minutes and some change. So I get headed back down, which was AWESOME. Who doesn't love running downhill? Then a problem occurred. I started getting a major cramp in my right calf. YIKES. All I could think of was that I was 4.35 miles from home. A long way to run with a cramp in my calf. However, I remembered a little nifty trick my older brother taught me. Apparently when you have a muscle cramp,a little mustard will cure it. I was running with my fanny pack(it doesn't look like a 1980 fanny pack, it's a running one that is way cuter) and it had mustard packs still in it from when I ran the Pocotello marathon back in Aug. I had never had to use them before. So I stopped, stretched for a minute and downed 1 mustard pack. And before I even began running again, it was like I had never even had a cramp. A little mustard miracle! I was feeling great! When I got back out to the mouth of the canyon I stopped at the subway to use the facilities, buy a gatorade, down a gel pack and then I continued on my way. I was feeling so good that I sped up. I ran mile 9 at about a 9:30 pace and the final mile in under 9 minutes. My second five miles I ran in about 48 minutes. Crazy right! It was a good run for me. Hopefully next week will be the same.

And I did take a couple of pics when I got home, but they were nasty. I have learned to only take before pictures! (Or at least have some makeup on when I start the run. )

So how were your runs today????

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Getting My Bootie Kicked by Hills, a Speed Workout, and a Fabulous New Trick!

On Monday I failed to go to the gym at all. My poor Kyah was having issues with her bowels(I'll leave it at that) and I knew I couldn't leave her in the care of anyone else.

Getting my bootie kicked by hills. On Wed. I went to the gym and was feeling inspired to run some hills so I could keep up with Jen! I put the treadmill on the hills setting and off I went. I probably should mention I only had the level set to 5, out of 20, but hey, I'm starting from square one, remember. I lasted 2 miles on a 6.0 speed and then put the setting back to manual and finished with a flat mile. I just knew towards the end of the hills, that if anyone around me wasn't wearing their earphones, they would be worried that maybe I was having a heart attack because I was breathing so hard!

A Speed Workout. Today, Thursday, I went to the gym and did one of my favorite speed workouts I found online from another girl. I wish I could remember who. It goes like this.
2 miles at half marathon pace (10 minute mile)
1 mile at 10K pace (9:15 minute mile)
800meters at 5k pace (8:35 mintute mile)
800 meters at 5K pace

I know I'm not really that fast, but that was the pace I was running at today. I walked for a minute or two in between each interval. It really speeds up a 4 mile run for me. It's more entertaining.

This may not work for everyone, actually probably won't, but for me, it was awesome. Because Kyah was still having issues on Tues. I went to the gym at 7 o'clock in the evening. It just so happen to be when the Biggest Loser was on. I LOVE THAT SHOW! (Joelle better step it up this week!) So I plugged my earphones into the treadmill and turned it to the TV showing my show and I ran for 6 miles straight without stopping once and I was at a 6.0 speed! This is really really good for me at this point in my life! I had previously been letting myself run at 5.8 if I wasn't "feeling" it that day. And I had also been stopping about every two mile to walk for a minute and get a drink. There was just something about being totally into my show that just did it for me. And the fact that it was a show about losing weight helped that much more! It was such a breakthrough run for me! I love it when that happens!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Long Runs and a New Running Buddy

My first long run of official training was last Sat. Kylee and I went for 8 miles. We took it slow and easy since there was lots of snow on the ground and because we are out of shape! It was a pretty good run though. We started off doing about 11:30 min. miles and then sped up to 10:30 minute miles. We averaged 11:04. Yes, I've slowed way down. That's what happens when you don't run 4 months. Here is a pic I took of myself when I got home.

My face is still red!

Then today I had the chance to run with Jen, a friend I met last year at the marathon mommies dinner. She started up a blog called. will run for designer jeans and we kind of found each others blogs and trained for the marathon together virtually last year. Anyway, so we met up today to go for a 11, oops, I mean 7 mile run. So we're improvising on the schedule, big deal. Well, this 7 mile run was an adventure! We were by her house and so I wasn't really familiar with the area. She had us running up big hills, through major traffic- in the road, and then she ran way faster than my body wanted to the last half of our run. Whew. It felt way good when we were done. It totally inspires me to work harder during the week so I can get faster and keep up with her better. I just want to mention, she is totally one of those fun girls that you just get along with right away. I love her! We are going to have so much fun training for this marathon together. Also, part of the course today was running the marathon course backwards. I kind of forgot how hilly the course was. Not huge hills, but rolling for sure. I would be lying if I said I didn't question myself a time or two about why I was even training for a marathon again. :) We all have those thoughts though don't we. Anyway, here is a pre-run pic.

Jen's totally cute. I need to lose a few pounds!

Oh, that reminds me. I am giving up sugar during the weekdays. Anyone want to join?