Saturday, January 10, 2009

Long Runs and a New Running Buddy

My first long run of official training was last Sat. Kylee and I went for 8 miles. We took it slow and easy since there was lots of snow on the ground and because we are out of shape! It was a pretty good run though. We started off doing about 11:30 min. miles and then sped up to 10:30 minute miles. We averaged 11:04. Yes, I've slowed way down. That's what happens when you don't run 4 months. Here is a pic I took of myself when I got home.

My face is still red!

Then today I had the chance to run with Jen, a friend I met last year at the marathon mommies dinner. She started up a blog called. will run for designer jeans and we kind of found each others blogs and trained for the marathon together virtually last year. Anyway, so we met up today to go for a 11, oops, I mean 7 mile run. So we're improvising on the schedule, big deal. Well, this 7 mile run was an adventure! We were by her house and so I wasn't really familiar with the area. She had us running up big hills, through major traffic- in the road, and then she ran way faster than my body wanted to the last half of our run. Whew. It felt way good when we were done. It totally inspires me to work harder during the week so I can get faster and keep up with her better. I just want to mention, she is totally one of those fun girls that you just get along with right away. I love her! We are going to have so much fun training for this marathon together. Also, part of the course today was running the marathon course backwards. I kind of forgot how hilly the course was. Not huge hills, but rolling for sure. I would be lying if I said I didn't question myself a time or two about why I was even training for a marathon again. :) We all have those thoughts though don't we. Anyway, here is a pre-run pic.

Jen's totally cute. I need to lose a few pounds!

Oh, that reminds me. I am giving up sugar during the weekdays. Anyone want to join?


Jill Ellingson said...
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Jill Ellingson said...

Can I say please that you look great! Enjoy it! And I love the name of your friends blog! That is awesome. Good job on the run!

T&L Hanni said...

I am so jealous that everyone is running the SLC again! Maybe I can come down and do the 5K or maybe if I am feeling good the 10K! You are soo awesome what a fun run! Miss ya~

Melanie and the Boys said...

You look adorable and so lucky uou are to have a partner who pushes you. As of now my watch pushes me and I push my running partner. LOL. Good luck girl!