Thursday, January 15, 2009

Getting My Bootie Kicked by Hills, a Speed Workout, and a Fabulous New Trick!

On Monday I failed to go to the gym at all. My poor Kyah was having issues with her bowels(I'll leave it at that) and I knew I couldn't leave her in the care of anyone else.

Getting my bootie kicked by hills. On Wed. I went to the gym and was feeling inspired to run some hills so I could keep up with Jen! I put the treadmill on the hills setting and off I went. I probably should mention I only had the level set to 5, out of 20, but hey, I'm starting from square one, remember. I lasted 2 miles on a 6.0 speed and then put the setting back to manual and finished with a flat mile. I just knew towards the end of the hills, that if anyone around me wasn't wearing their earphones, they would be worried that maybe I was having a heart attack because I was breathing so hard!

A Speed Workout. Today, Thursday, I went to the gym and did one of my favorite speed workouts I found online from another girl. I wish I could remember who. It goes like this.
2 miles at half marathon pace (10 minute mile)
1 mile at 10K pace (9:15 minute mile)
800meters at 5k pace (8:35 mintute mile)
800 meters at 5K pace

I know I'm not really that fast, but that was the pace I was running at today. I walked for a minute or two in between each interval. It really speeds up a 4 mile run for me. It's more entertaining.

This may not work for everyone, actually probably won't, but for me, it was awesome. Because Kyah was still having issues on Tues. I went to the gym at 7 o'clock in the evening. It just so happen to be when the Biggest Loser was on. I LOVE THAT SHOW! (Joelle better step it up this week!) So I plugged my earphones into the treadmill and turned it to the TV showing my show and I ran for 6 miles straight without stopping once and I was at a 6.0 speed! This is really really good for me at this point in my life! I had previously been letting myself run at 5.8 if I wasn't "feeling" it that day. And I had also been stopping about every two mile to walk for a minute and get a drink. There was just something about being totally into my show that just did it for me. And the fact that it was a show about losing weight helped that much more! It was such a breakthrough run for me! I love it when that happens!

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Melanie and the Boys said...

Good thinking about the show. I did the same thing at watching BL at home on my stationary bike. When they sped up on the show I sped up. I burned 450 calories in 30 minutes just watching TV...