Wednesday, January 30, 2008

7 super long miles

Last night I couldn't post about my run because my husband was working on his essays when I got home. Anyway, I hadn't looked at my training schedule yet and thought that I had a 5 mile run, but when I looked at 7pm, I saw 7!!! What! So I quickly got dressed and told Nate he would have to put the kids to bed because I was losing the desire to get my buns to the gym exponentially by the minute! It was bad enough that this run was going to be on the treadmill, but on top of that I was going to have to do it WITHOUT my ipod! Uggggh. I had decided on wearing my new blue pair of Nike shorts with the undies built into them. They are shorter than any other pair I own so I was feeling a little self conscious. I knew I needed a treadmill in the back row so no one could look at me while I was running. And because what if they happen to be a bad pair of shorts that would get all caught up in my thighs while I run, that was the other reason I needed to be in the back. When I got to the gym, all treadmills were full! Super lucky for me, one in the back right in front of the TV opened up! YES! The sonics were playing, not too excited at the beginning, and I was hoping that American idol would come on at any second since I requested it at the front desk. No such luck. The first mile I just kept telling myself, just get through the first mile that one is the hardest. I still wasn't feeling better by mile two. Then I was telling my self that once I got through half of the run, 3.5 miles, I would walk. I knew at some point I would have to turn the treadmill off and restart it at some point in time since it only goes for one hour. By the time I got to 3.5 miles, I was finally in a groove and decided to go with it. At mile 6 I had to turn it off and restart since I was at 60 minutes. Too bad because the last mile was torturous as a result! But I made it and that all that matters!

P.S. The shorts worked out fairly nicely. The built in undies didn't give me a wedge and they didn't ride up my thighs. :)

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