Saturday, January 26, 2008

9.65 miles

*****Warning******* Whining in the following post********* Warning**********

Today was not a great run. It has me feeling very nervous. First of all, it was freezing!!!!! So stinkin cold this morning. My knee and arch on my left leg/foot were hurting almost immediately. My arch pain went away, but the knee just got worse. Apparently my right leg felt left out and my hip started hurting and my ankle. What the heck is up with that! I felt like such a gimp. I was scheduled to run 9 miles today, but my friend/training partner Debbie was scheduled to run 10. I figured I would run 10 anyway. No biggie. But I felt like I should listen to my body and stop when I did and meet her back at the car.

The cool thing was, we found a new running spot. It was at Marymoor Park in Redmond and there was a nice wide paved trail that went on forever. It was went right next to the Sammamish River. We actually saw two beavers! And we did see a deer leg... so gross.

Afterward, we stopped at Footzone to check out fuel belts. I think I'm going to try and find one on Ebay. Also, I decided on getting some inserts for my shoes, and I hope that solves ALL my problems. (I didn't buy them yet, but I am soon. Instead I bought a cute new pair of shorts) I really hope the inserts do the trick because next Saturday's run is 14 miles. Holy Crap. That will be the longest I've ever run. I need to quit looking ahead at the calendar. Too late. I noticed that today's long run is the shortest I have until the Sat. before the race. Double Holy Crap. Excuse my language. (My Grandma would die if she knew I wrote like that......I'm just trying to keep it real!)

Oh, one other good thing. I got a new pair of undies last night that I tried out today and they were great!!!! In case you are wondering they are Jockey brand, microfiber, bikini cut, color:white. Too much info? Never. Just ask Debbie, she'll tell you I don't believe in too much info!!!! Especially today. Anyway...... tomorrow, REST!!!

P.S. I skipped yesterday!!


kmcafam4 said...

Hope this new weather doesn't slow you down on your training schedule. We're supposed to be getting more snow the next few days. Just out of curiosity.... you've been running so much lately... have you lost more weight? I bet you're looking SUPER AWESOME!

Ang said...

Actually I gained 12 lbs over Christmas! So I'm hoping to lose some weigh real fast!!!!