Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Did It! 16.15 Miles.

I got my buns up and ran at 6am this morning, even though I hadn't had one ounce of sleep. (I have a sick child, and insomnia) Isn't that the way it always goes?!

The run was pretty good. I ran the first five with my friend Kristi. Then stopped at my house to use the facilities. Then ran three to the canyon. My brother in law Tom met me at the canyon where we ran 2.5 miles up the canyon and then 2.5 back. Then I ran the last three back to my house. I was pretty tired when I was done!! But overall I felt pretty good. A little sore in the knees, but nothing unusual. Oh, I forgot to mention in POURED down rain the WHOLE time!! I was wringing my clothes out when I got home. I don't know if my shoes will ever be dry again! My pink skirt was falling off me because it was so heavy with water. Luckily I had on my favorite carpi's! And my iPod survived because I had it in a plastic sandwich baggy in my pocket. Ha. I had Nate take my picture when I was done, but I don't think it does justice to my soaking state of being. I should of had him take a picture of my sopping hair. Dang. Ohhhh, I just shivered thinking about it. :)


Jill Ellingson said...

Nice job! I am impressed with you for not having any sleep and doing that. Way to go. Are you training for another marathon?

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

GOOD WORK!! Amazing on no sleep and in the rain.. You rock!! I am slated to run 14 tomorrow but I might do 15 :) Orting trail is too easy to pass up..