Saturday, February 2, 2008

14 dedicated miles to Gordon B. Hinckley

Today my friend Debbie and I ran 14 miles for our dedication run to the Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley.

Writing on my feet. GBH and 1910-2008. If you look closely, you'll see that at first I wrote 2007 and not 2008. Duh.

Our pre-race picture with the Prophet.

We had really nice weather today considering it was suppose to rain! The sun actually shined on us. It was beautiful. I had quotes from President Hinckley in my coat pocket and read one at every mile. It was a great run. Well, the first 1.35 miles was sketchy. We were at Lake Sammamish State Park where there was suppose to be access to a compact gravel trail. We were on some crazy trail that was totally muddy and at points there were wooden crates to run on so you weren't in the mud/puddles. The crates were slippery. At one point we had to stop and tip toe around a HUGE puddle to avoid getting soaked up past our ankles. Plus, I saw a sign that said, "Attention. Coyotes have been sighted frequently along the trail. Please keep your dogs on a leash. I was very nervous! Luckily though after 1.35 miles, we found the right trail and it was awesome!

Post-race pic.

My muddy shoes. They don't look too bad in this pic, but they were.

All in all, we had a great time and it was a really wonderful thing to think about our beloved prophet as we ran and dedicate it to him.

Notes: My knees, hips, arches, ankles, all felt way better this week than last!!! My knees were very tight at mile 13 and were telling me to stop. But it wasn't pain really, just tightness. Because we didn't want to make the trek back through the mud, we went a different way back to the car. It was longer and forced us to have a cool down walk of .5 mile. I think that was actually good. We can't wait to get our fuel belts on Monday! Also, that first 1.35 miles was ran very slow because of the conditions and I think that was really good too to have sort of a warm up mile.

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