Thursday, February 14, 2008

4 miles

I ran 4 miles on the treadmill today. It felt good. I ran faster than I normally do and that felt nice. I did 2 miles at a 9:05 mile pace and 2 miles at a 8:33 mile pace. I used my inserts in my shoes today for the first time running. I think I will take them back. They didn't hurt my knees or anything, but there was a big annoying fat lump in my arches. I did get used to them after 2.5 miles, but I still think I may like the less aggressive ones better.

P.S. I realized that I should be way embarrassed about my white legs at the gym. NO ONE is as white as me! But I am in a phase in my life where I am "owning" my body so to speak. It is what it is at the moment and I'm going to "own" it. Whatever. I'm not going to hide my white legs.

I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman
That's me

Maya Angelou