Friday, February 1, 2008

Hello Buns. 4.56 miles. Elliptical Style.

I did the elliptical tonight since I'm going to be running 14 miles in the morning. Can I just tell you there was the funniest guy at the gym. He was doing the stair stepper/master, whatever you call it, just in front and to the right of me. He was really workin it doing quick short steps. NO JOKE, 45 seconds out of every minute he was turned around checking himself out in the mirror. He totally pulled up his T-shirt so it was about and inch above his shorts. Board shorts at that, you know, like swimwear. AND he had himself leaning his upper body on the machine so his buns were totally sticking out. EWWWWE. But he sure was enjoying the view of himself. I seriously had to try hard to hold in my laughter. If only my iPod had the song, "You're So Vain" on it, that would have been perfect!

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