Sunday, March 2, 2008

7 treadmill miles

I was going to rest on Sat. too, but I just couldn't. My body needed it, but my mind couldn't take it. My back was feeling OK so I thought I would give running a try on the treadmill so that 1)I could stop whenever I needed to 2)I could avoid hills and 3) I wouldn't have to carry my fuel belt around my waist. I should have done 16 miles, planned on doing 12, and ended up doing 7. I had two baptisms to attend in the morning at 10am and 12:30am, so a morning run was out. When I got home from the second baptism, I went to the gym. I was feeling guilty for leaving Nate home AGAIN. So that's why I quit early and my back wasn't hurting, but it wasn't feeling normal either. I figured less was more on this day. I came home super happy that my back wasn't feeling horrible, but then immediately bummed as my IT band starting hurting me pretty good when I got cooled down. Honestly, if it's not one thing, it's another. I'm sick of my body being so lame. I'm really going to try to complain less........ starting tomorrow! :)

Oh, I totally used a gel pack at mile 4.75. Can you just imagine me at the gym eating a gel pack. Too funny.


M&M said...

Hey Ang,

Running was probably good for you mentally. I am so sorry to hear that you are still hurting. Good that you are hurting less. Don't get too discouraged. As I mentioned on the phone. You still have plenty of time and you have a few great long runs under your belt.

(Too funny about the gel pack at the gym!)

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