Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mind Body Spirit Update

I just wanted to write a post about how I'm feeling. With a mere three and a half weeks until race day, I'm starting to get really nervous. There are a couple of reasons why.

1. My back is bothering me more than I care to admit. I'm worried after this weekend's 20 mile run, I may be out of commission.

2. On the marathon mommies blog, girls were posting about how they are doing and I noticed most everyone had already completed a 20 mile run and still had one or more to go. I, on the other had, am only doing one. I'm just so worried that my training isn't going to be enough. The truth is, I am confident that I will finish. Period. The problem is that I do have a time in my mind that I would like to finish in, 4hours 20 min. or less, and I think I am going to be disappointed if I don't make that. And I'm nervous that my body is going to be a wreck by the end of it. At the same time, I am super glad that I jumped from the intermediate plan to the beginner plan when I originally hurt my back. I really don't think I would have lasted much longer on the intermediate plan.

I'm also getting worried about what I'm going to wear and what I'm going to carry with me.

I can't even tell you how bummed I am that Nate and the kids are no longer going to be able to come. Now that we know Nate is going to BYU in the fall, it doesn't make sense to pay for everyone to go to SLC when we will be moving there three months later. Originally, it was going to be our final trip to Utah before going to the East Coast, or staying here. Funny how life works. In every marathon vision that I have had, the kids are there at the finish line with Nate. And actually I envisioned them along the course too holding signs. I just really wanted them to have a memory of their Mom accomplishing something great. So bummed. My mom did buy a ticket to come so that's exciting. Plus I will have my two sisters there, Kimm and Kylee, two sisters in law, Lindsay and Jana- two of Nate's sisters may even come, and one brother there, Jeff. So it's not like I'm going to be totally by myself. And of course I'm meeting up with some marathon mommies the day before, so that is super exciting and who knows, maybe one of them may want to run at the same pace that I want to. That would be cool.

Also, my feet are nasty! It is now officially spring and my feet couldn't be in any worse shape to be in sandals! Because I think only Kelly and Michelle look at this blog(and I really appreciate your comments and support!!!!!!!) I am going to post a picture! Warning, total nastiness below!

Despite all my worries, I am totally totally totally excited and can't believe that race day is almost here!!!!! Wow, what a journey this has been so far.

P.S. I forgot to mention that my achilles tendons do feel much better than they have in a while. All that icing and ibuprofen paid off!


kmcafam4 said...

Oh, your poor feet... do they hurt at all? I wouldn't worry too much about their "sandal appearance" You just look like you have athletic feet... you should have seen all the summers I spent with nasty gymnastics feet. Always callused and rough. So grose... so I can relate :-)

Wow, I can't believe you only have 3 weeks left until the big race. Bummer your immediate family won't be there... but it does sound like you've got a lot of people there routin' you on. And you'll have a lot of people back here at home routin' you on from afar!! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Seriously though... be so careful with your back. I now live with a back fracture that was caused by over-use.

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